Samsung ML-1865 Driver for Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Samsung ML-1865 Driver for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux – Samsung’s ML-1865 is the world’s smallest WLAN-capable mono laser printer and a real asset for the environmentally friendly Home Office: It is particularly energy efficient and operates with a noise of less than 50 dB (a) Whisper-quiet. Wireless printing allows you to connect wirelessly: a pressure on the Wi-Fi protected set-up (WPS) button is sufficient, and the ML 1865 is ready to use in the wireless environment within a maximum of two minutes. The connection is automatically configured and protected if the access point supports it. And even more “one-touch” functions simplify printing, for example, with the conspicuously placed soft power button, the device can be easily put into a power-saving mode by pressing a button.

Thanks to the space-saving dimensions of just 341 x 224 x 184 millimeters, Samsung ML-1865 can be perfectly integrated into any environment. But despite its small size, the user does not have to do without performance: The ML-1865 prints up to 18 pages per minute with an effective resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. This provides the ideal conditions for regular use, for example, by freelancers in the Home Office, students who can print their homework within minutes. In addition, the waiting times for printing are extremely short: the first page of the Small Wonder printer is already out after under 8.5 seconds.

Samsung ML-1865 with the eco-friendly compact Marvel, 18 pages can be printed per minute – and this wirelessly by pressing a button via the WPS button (WiFi protected set-up). Other “one-touch” functions simplify operation, such as the soft power button for activating the Power saving mode. On this page, you can download Samsung ML-1865 driver for maintenance your printer and get all features work with your computer. Go to Samsung ML-1755 Driver for another series.

Download Samsung ML-1865 Driver Windows, Mac OS X
Samsung ML-1865 Driver

Samsung ML-1865 Driver Supported OS

  • Windows (Windows 10 32bit (x86) | Windows 10 64bit (x64) | Windows 8.1 32bit (x86) | Windows 8.1 64bit (x64) | Windows 8 32bit (x86) | Windows 8 64bit (x64) | Windows 7 32bit (x86) | Windows 7 64bit (x64) | Windows Vista 32bit (x86) | Windows Vista 64bit (x64) | Windows XP)
  • Macintosh (Mac OS X 10.13 | Mac OS X 10.12 | Mac OS X 10.11 | Mac OS X 10.10 | Mac OS X 10.9 | Mac OS X 10.8 | Mac OS X 10.7 | Mac OS X 10.6)
  • Linux

Download Samsung ML-1865 Drivers & Softwares

Samsung ML-1865 Windows Driver
Samsung ML-1865 Printer Driver for Windows Download

Samsung ML-1865 Mac Driver
Samsung ML-1865 Printer Driver for Mac OS Download

Samsung ML-1865 Linux Driver
Samsung ML-1865 Printer Driver for Linux Download

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How to install Samsung ML-1865 Driver on a Windows

  1. Connect your Samsung ML-1865 printer to a Windows PC you and make sure the printer is turned on in the State. If your printer includes a printer wireless, turn on the Samsung ML-1865 printer and select one of the available connection methods. If the automatic connection method (auto connect) is available, select that method.
  2. Download the latest driver for Samsung ML-1865 you have and install on your Windows PC you wish. After successful driver installed, reboot Your Windows.
  3. Open the Settings by clicking Settings icon on the Start menu or by pressing the Windows key + I simultaneously. The Settings window opens, click the Devices icon.
  4. Click Printers & scanners. If the Printer driver in step 2 is already successfully installed, then the printer should know you have entered into the list of Printers & Scanners.
  5. If the Samsung ML-1865 already appears on the list, click the printer and then click Set as default to make the printer being printers used.

How to install Samsung ML-1865 Driver on a Mac OS X

  1. Click System Preferences menu then choice Print & Fax.
  2. Click on this (+) symbol to add a printer.
  3. Available printers will appear, if does Samsung ML-1865 not look, you need to install the driver first, then select your printer model. Or you can choose drop-down to choose a Samsung ML-1865 driver. You will have a few Options to choose from. Select PCL (pcl5 or pcl6), postscript, or ZPL unless printer specifies differently.
  4. Open up office software then select File and Page Setup (you can doing Microsoft word).
  5. In page Setup change Format for to your installed printer driver and Select Drop Down for Paper Size. or based on your formatting.
  6. Word will show you the Paper size you created. Now you can put Test Print to test. Go to File Print.
  7. You have set up your Samsung ML-1865 Printer on Mac OS X and Successfully Printed a test print.

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