Lexmark MC3326adwe Driver Download

Lexmark MC3326adwe Driver Download – With this color laser multifunction printer you buy a real all-round talent. The high-quality and versatile device can not only print, but also scan, copy and fax. This means you can cover all important everyday office tasks with just one device – which is also extremely resource-saving and therefore cost-effective. Whether you’re printing a document from computer to paper, duplicating an existing printout, or digitizing paper files to your computer, the Lexmark MC3326adwe color laser multifunction printer can help you do all of this in the office. If you also have a fax connection, you can also use the multifunction machine for faxing. You provide the data for the printer either on paper or directly digitally from the computer.

With a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, the scanning function of this color laser multifunction printer delivers high-resolution black and white scans or color scans of text documents, photos, and graphics. When scanning, it is operated using the clear color touchscreen and is therefore extremely simple. The advantage is that you can define the format of the resulting file from the beginning. So you don’t have to convert the scan later on your computer. The print quality of the Lexmark MC3326adwe color laser multifunction printer is also razor-sharp 600 x 600 dpi. This allows you to print not only text documents, but also graphics and photos without loss of quality. The separate toner containers for black, cyan, magenta, and yellow have the advantage that no color particles are wasted. You can always use up all of the toners before you need to install a new cartridge. Thus, the multifunction printer works not only cheaply, but also environmentally friendly. In both color and black-and-white printing, the printer achieves a maximum speed of 24 pages per minute. It is therefore well suited for medium-sized offices that have a monthly print volume of between 600 and 2,000 pages. Thanks to laser printing technology, the printed documents are long-lasting and you can remove the pages immediately without smudging. When copying with the Lexmark MC3326adwe color laser multifunction printer, combine its scanning and printing functions. Therefore, the maximum resolution is 600 x 600 dpi and the maximum speed is 24 pages per minute – if you only copy one document and do not have to change the template accordingly. Depending on whether you use a template more often or only once, it may make sense not to copy it, but to scan it. So you can print them out as often as you like, even if the original is no longer available in paper form.

Setting up the Lexmark MC3326adwe color laser multifunction printer after purchase is easy thanks to its great features. The many wireless connectivity options allow you to easily pair multiple devices with the printer. This includes not only stand computers and laptops but also tablets or smartphones. Above all, the compatibility with the print apps from Apple and Google ensures simple operation and prevents problems with sending the data in the first place. You only need an additional cable if you want to connect the printer using a USB cable. You can also send print jobs to the printer for connection using the proprietary Lexmark Mobile Printing app and Lexmark MC3326adwe driver.

Download Lexmark MC3326adwe Driver
Lexmark MC3326adwe Driver

Lexmark MC3326adwe Driver Supported OS

  • Windows (Windows 10 32bit (x86) | Windows 10 64bit (x64) | Windows 8.1 32bit (x86) | Windows 8.1 64bit (x64) | Windows 8 32bit (x86) | Windows 8 64bit (x64) | Windows 7 32bit (x86) | Windows 7 64bit (x64))
  • Macintosh (macOS 10.15 | macOS 10.14 | macOS 10.13 | macOS 10.12 | OS X 10.11 | OS X 10.10)

Download Lexmark MC3326adwe Printer Driver

Download Lexmark MC3326 Series Driver

How to install Lexmark MC3326adwe Driver printer on a Windows

  1. Connect your printer to PC, Download the latest driver for Lexmark MC3326adwe and install it on your Windows. After a successful driver installed, reboot Windows.
  2. Open the Settings by pressing the Windows key + I simultaneously. the Setting window opens. Click Printers and scanners. If the Printer driver is already successfully installed, then the printer should have entered into the list of printers and scanners.
  3. If the Lexmark MC3326adwe already appears on the list, click the printer and then click Set as default to make the printer being printers used.

How to install Lexmark MC3326adwe Driver Printer on a macOS

  1. Click System Preferences menu then choose Print & Fax. Click on this (+) symbol to add a printer.
  2. You need to install the driver, You will have a few Options to choose from. Select PCL (pcl5 or pcl6), postscript, or zpl unless the printer specifies differently.

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