Pantum M6550NW Driver for Windows and macOS

The Pantum M6550NW can only print in black and white, but according to tests it mostly does this in solid quality. Technical frills, but also comfort, have been dispensed with. 150-sheet capacity is below average, but still fine for home users as long as they only print occasionally. This device would be out of place in the office, no question. It is not very pleasing that the paper compartment is half open and the paper and the feed mechanism gather dust more quickly. You have to place documents sheet by sheet on the scanner and also for double-sided printing the paper has to be inserted again by hand.

With 22 text pages per minute, it is also not a slow representative of its kind. If you want to copy with the Pantum M6550NW, then better only texts. According to testers, the copies show imperfections in the graphics. Buyers, on the other hand, are satisfied. It does the scanning reliably and with satisfactory quality.

The WLAN connection and sending the print job from the mobile device are positively emphasized by many buyers. Unfortunately, direct printing via USB is not possible with Pantum M6550NW. It is noticeable that the user reviews are almost exclusively positive when it comes to commissioning. The manufacturer seems to have done something right here.

Pantum M6550NW Driver Windows and macOS
Pantum M6550NW Driver

Pantum M6550NW Driver-Supported OS

  • Windows (Windows 11 | Windows 10 32bit/64bit | Windows 8.1 32bit/64bit | Windows 7 32bit/64bit)
  • macOS (macOS 10 | macOS 11 | macOS 12 | macOS 13 | macOS 14)

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Download Pantum M6550NW Printer Driver

Windows: Pantum_M6200_M6500_M6550_M6600_Series_Windows_Driver_V1.14.35.exe Download

macOS: Pantum_M6200_M6500_M6550_M6600_MS6000_Series_Mac_Driver_V1.9.11_codesign Download

How to install Pantum M6550NW Driver printer on a Windows

  1. Download the latest driver for Pantum M6550NW you have and install it on your Windows. After a successful driver is installed, reboot Your Windows.
  2. Open Settings, and click Printers and Scanners. If the Printer driver is already successfully installed, then set the printer as a default.

How to install Pantum M6550NW Driver Printer on a macOS

  1. Click the System Preferences menu then choose Print & Scanner to add a printer manually.

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