Samsung CLP-300 Driver Download

Samsung CLP-300 Driver Windows, Mac OS X – The Samsung CLP-300 offers everything for a relaxed and productive day. Never run to the central printer to pick up color prints. Because now you have your very own color laser printer. the Samsung CLP-300 is significantly smaller than a comparable color laser printer. No color laser printer is lighter: its weight of only 13.6 kg makes it easy to carry or move around the workplace.

The Samsung CLP-300 is the smallest and lightest color laser printer available in the market today and as compact as a regular black and white laser printer. This mini format with XXL performance is made possible by the new second generation of Samsung NO NOIS ™ technology in the CLP-300. Get your very own color laser printer for your workplace! The Samsung CLP-300 is not only extremely compact, but also well equipped with convincing functions.

The cartridges are so handy and small, they fit easily in each hand. And in no time they are changed: open the flap, remove used cartridge, insert new – done. And since they are so small, they can be conveniently stored in the desk and not in a large, distant storage cabinet. Thanks to Samsung’s cartridge design, toner storage is no longer an issue. The status monitor monitors and configures your Samsung CLP-300 and logs in with a window if something should be noted. Extremely quiet printing creates a relaxed working atmosphere. On this page, you can download Samsung CLP-300 driver for maintenance your printer and get all features work with your computer. go to Samsung SCX-4521F Driver for another series.

Download Samsung CLP-300 Driver for Windows, Mac OS
Samsung CLP-300 Driver

Samsung CLP-300 Driver Supported OS

  • Windows (Windows 10 32bit (x86) | Windows 10 64bit (x64) | Windows 8.1 32bit (x86) | Windows 8.1 64bit (x64) | Windows 8 32bit (x86) | Windows 8 64bit (x64) | Windows 7 32bit (x86) | Windows 7 64bit (x64) | Windows Vista 32bit (x86) | Windows Vista 64bit (x64) | Windows XP)
  • Macintosh (Mac OS X 10.13 | Mac OS X 10.12 | Mac OS X 10.11 | Mac OS X 10.10 | Mac OS X 10.9 | Mac OS X 10.8 | Mac OS X 10.7 | Mac OS X 10.6)
  • Linux (Debian | Ubuntu | and others Linux Distro)

Download Samsung CLP-300 Drivers & Softwares

Samsung CLP-300 Windows Driver
Samsung CLP-300 Driver for Windows Download

Samsung CLP-300 Mac Driver
Samsung CLP-300 Driver for Mac OS Download

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How to install Samsung CLP-300 Driver printer on a Windows

  1. Connect your Samsung CLP-300 printer to a Windows PC you and make sure the printer is turned on in the State. If your printer includes a printer wireless, turn on the Samsung CLP-300 printer and select one of the available connection methods. If the automatic connection method (auto connect) is available, select that method.
  2. Download the latest driver for Samsung CLP-300 you have and install on your Windows PC you wish. After successful driver installed, reboot Your Windows.
  3. Open the Settings by clicking Settings icon on the Start menu or by pressing the Windows key + I simultaneously. the Settings window opens, click the Devices icon.
  4. Click Printers & scanners. If the Printer driver in step 2 is already successfully installed, then the printer should you have entered into the list of Printers & scanners.
  5. If the Samsung CLP-300 already appears on the list, click the printer and then click Set as default to make the printer being printers used.

How to install Samsung CLP-300 Driver Printer on a Mac OS X

  1. Click System Preferences menu then choice Print & Fax.
  2. Click on this (+) symbol to add a printer.
  3. Available printers will appear, if does Samsung CLP-300 not appear, you need to install the driver first, then select your printer model. or you can select dropdown to select a Samsung CLP-300 driver. You will have a few Options to choose from. Select PCL (pcl5 or pcl6), postscript, or zpl unless printer specifies differently.
  4. Open up office software then select File and Page Setup (you can doinn Microsoft word).
  5. In page Setup change Format for to your installed printer driver and Select Drop Down for Paper Size. or based on your formatting.
  6. Word will show you the Paper size you created. Now you can put Test Print to test. Go to File Print.
  7. You have setup your Samsung CLP-300 Printer on Mac OS X and Successfully Printed a test print.

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